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Our dear. family and friends....

We have decied to postpone the wedding until next year. The date will be the same. Nov 8th 2018. This is an important date for us as it's our anniversary date. We go on vacation on this date, we have our candlelit dinner every year on this date, I asked Lorraine to marry me on this date and we want to be married on this date.

A decision like this is not easily made when you consider everything that has happened latey with the natural disasters and lives affected. In fact, it was gut wrenching. In addition to this, those that know Lorraine understand the difficulties experienced within her own family this past year. The ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel was this wedding. We are very excited for it and are looking to start the next chapter together as soon as possible.

We spoke to a number of resorts and they were very accomodating and really tried to give us, and you, our most cherished guests, the exeperience we were looking for. Unforunaltey, they could not come close. Costs were part of the decision, and not in they way you would think, but Lorraine and I know what to expect at Beaches and the other resorts simply can't match it. Perhaps we are being a little selfish, but this is our day and we want want we want (Lorrainism).

We undstand there is an immediate impact on you. Again this was not a easy decision. You have days off specifically for this wedding which we are extremely grateful for. We really, really wanted to do this sooner rather than later and share this special day with all of you. We hope all of you that have RSVP'd yes will do so again for 2018. We also hope that those who could not attend this year can do so next year. Now that we have more time we can make this wedding celebration even bigger and better than originally planned. We also expect the resort to be the best it's ever been.

Next Steps – please contact Beaches 1-800-Beaches. If you can attend next year, just move your dates to 2018. Note the wedding will be on a Thursday (Nov 8th) in 2018. If you are unsure, you can move the date and decide later on the year. New invitations will be sent out.

Contact your airline and move the dates of the flights if you can. Most likely arilines will not have a schedule yet for Nov 2018. Determine what is best for you based on the airline.

Beaches will do the following: 
Honor the original rate that you were charged when you orginally booked. 
They will reiumburse you the costs for change your flights/penalties. They should give you the email below to send your new itinerary/receipts:

If you have questions or need additional information please reach out to us. Looking forward to 2018...


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