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We met years ago at college in English class. I noticed that I intimidated him. He would freeze up when I would ask him something that had to do about class work. He seemed so shy when it came to interacting with one another or when it came to grouping up in class. One day, my friend Jenna decided to take things into her own hands so she walked over to Taylor and told him that I had a crush on him. I was so embarrassed so I did not look his way for the rest of the lecture. After class I bolted out of the room to avoid all contact with him. He called my name as I was headed down the stairs, I turned around and he asked me out to a movie with a group of his friends. We went to the movies that night and we hit it off pretty well. For the next month, we would hang out after class studying or walking around the park. We dated and ended up engaged four years later!